New or Replacement Machine parts (Reverse Engineering)

New or Replacement Machine parts (Reverse Engineering)

Helix Point offers a Hardware Reverse Engineering service to customers who require a replacement part without technical drawing. A high level of proficiency is needed for this kind of engineering.

Reverse engineering is especially important because damaged or broken parts are usually too expensive to replace or are no longer available. These parts can be replicated and re-manufactured using reverse engineering. Reverse engineering also includes the design of a new part, the copy of an existing part, the recovery of a damaged or broker part, and the improvement of an existing model. The technique’s advantages include immediate feedback and higher precision of the final product.

Factors to take into account when doing a part for reverse engineering:

Original object – Original parts are required to generate the most accurate reading, particularly for parts requiring a high degree of precision. These various pieces will be measured, compared, then replicated using the average measurements.

Material Selection – Uncommon and unknown materials can be sent to a lab for testing to determine the closest match to the original material.

Tolerance – Tolerances in mechanical engineering define the allowable deviation from specified dimensions. Tolerances are used to ensure that the final product is usable.

Accuracy – A high degree of accuracy is required to meet the desired function of the part.

Functionality – Knowing the actual functionality of the part will aid in determining the design’s accuracy and precision.

Manufacturing Process – After purchasing the material, it will be sent through various fabrication processes until the final treatment and finishing process.

These are the benefits of reverse engineering to customers’ machine parts:

  • Replacement parts are now available
  • Cost savings
  • Improve quality and efficiency of parts
  • Greater control over maintenance
  • Ability to improve through redesign
  • Increased understanding of your machinery and manufacturing processes
  • Logistical ease